Smart House

Smart House — residential building of the modern type, arranged for the convenience of living of people with high-tech devices. Electronic appliances in the Smart House can be combined into a Universal Plug'n'Play home network with access to the public network.

The concept of "smart house" was formulated by the Institute of Intelligent Building in Washington in 1970: «The building, providing a productive and efficient use of space…»

It is necessary to separate the concept of "Smart home" and "Life support system." Individual systems have only the necessary interfaces and control. The concept of "Intelligent building management systems" suggests a new approach to building life-support organization, where through a combination of hardware and software significantly increases the efficiency and reliability of control of all systems of exploitation and actuators of the building.

The main feature of the intelligent building is the union of separate subsystems from various manufacturers into one controlled complex.

"Smart House" in the original sense means "the building, ready to change" or "adaptable (flexible) building," which engineering systems are capable to provide adaptation to possible changes in the future.

The building is designed in such a way that all of its management systems could be integrated with each other with minimal cost, and their service would be organized in an optimal way. The project necessarily involves the possibility to build and modify the configuration of the installed systems.

Over time, the building will find the "artificial intelligence". Then, with every reason to be calling them intelligent. The system will be able to monitor work and status of all "stuffing" of the building, including building envelope, and make decisions in changing circumstances.

Our company can offer you a full range of equipment and services to create a "Smart House" from your office, town houses, apartments.